Team James Update


Well its been a while since we last posted. Things have been busy! James is in full training with his pals for the South Dublin County Paralympic Cross Country Final. He is representing his school Scoil Aine Naofa in Lucan. He is so excited and with the help of his friends, Daniel, Emma and Rebecca he has been out running in the park opposite our home. They informed me they are doing interval training too! It is so nice to watch. I often fear he will feel left out and sometimes isolated but his friends are instinctively aware of what they need to do to make sure he’s included. They are small people with big hearts and little do they know that not only are they making James very happy, they are giving us reassurance that things will be ok.


James has been struggling a bit emotionally lately. I think he’s just tired. It breaks my heart. I wish I could fix it. I lose sleep worrying and constantly battling to have the strength to give him all he needs and more to know that it will always be ok and we will always figure things out.


We are still in and out of Our Lady’s Hospital Crumlin as frequent flyers. James reckon there should be an award for that 😊 But infusions have been spread out to every 14 days which helps. So the arthritis is more in control than it has been before which is hugely positive.


We have also been taking part in the #SeeMe Campaign with Arthritis Ireland ( ), doing our bit to spread awareness of Juvenile Arthritis. You can read more about it here. .


In other news, James and his Daddy have been flying it. Full on training for the great Limerick Run in May, followed by the Dublin Race Series and culminating with Dublin City Marathon in October. And of course the boys are doing this to fundraise for Barretstown! They can be spotted out on long runs over the weekend around Lucan and as far as the Phoenix Park. They love a bit of support so if anyone wishes to join them feel free to get in touch! You can also donate to


I’ve also started running! This year I set myself a goal to be able to run 5km. So off I went and joined Lucan Harriers fit for Life. Its mostly going well but I’ve been sick on and off for 6 weeks now with flu, cold and rip roaring sore throats but I’ll be back out training in the next few days.  I figure if James can do it…. Well I can … and I should. So I’m working towards the Women’s Mini Marathon and I’m very excited about it (with help from my 2 fabulous sisters Ali and Jenny)


We have our own Pop Up Race scheduled for September and we will post more information in the coming weeks. Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support. We love doing what we do.  If you would like to get involved or help in any way, we would love to hear from you.

All our Love,

Vicki, Dan, James and Tom xxxx


No Limits, St. Joseph’s College, Lucan

No Limits is a group of four Transition Year students from St Joseph’s College in Lucan that took part in the Student Enterprise Awards and Young Social Innovators Programme this year. Their names are Aoife Dardis, Katie Grogan and Caoimhe Currie. They write fairy-tale books which features the main character having a disability or special needs. 

 The girls came up with the idea from personal experience as two of the members, Aoife and Katie, have family with a disability. Aoife’s cousin, Niamh, suffers from severe epilepsy, while Katie’s dad, Colm, has cerebral palsy and is a wheelchair user. The girls feel so passionate about the idea of equality in this area and thought that if you teach this acceptance from a young age, it will help with inclusion and equality. The group’s aim is to improve the underrepresentation of people with disabilities and special needs in children’s literature. 


Their books to date include ‘Wonder Wheels’ (about a superhero who is in a wheelchair) and ‘Anna’s Amazing Aura’ (about a mermaid with epilepsy). They have recently launched their third book which will feature twins with Down Syndrome, a prince and a princess, A Royal Rescue.  The cost of the book is €7.00 with 20% of the price going to the charities of the Irish Wheelchair Association and Epilepsy Ireland.

 No Limits won the South Dublin Student Enterprise Regional Final and went on to represent the region in the National Final in Croke Park on the 3rd of May. The girls also competed in the final 17 competitors in the Griffith College National Final back on the 29th of March. No Limits then won the YSI Make Our World Fair And Just Challenge Award. They also competed in the final 11 in the YSI Programme handing in a report and performing a public Speak Out in the Convention Centre. The girls continued to win the Overall Silver Award. Aoife, Sarah, Caoimhe and Katie have also been working with people such as Mark Pollock and myself over the process of their books. 


No Limits can be reached on their Facebook page (No Limits), Instagram and Snapchat pages (nolimits164), Twitter page (nolimits1234), email ( or on their website (